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At CHAKANA STUDIO, we believe you’re only as good as your team is. Our animation and post-production studio leverages the expertise of the globe's finest digital artists to bring complex projects to life. Whether you have a plan in mind or need help dreaming up ideas, we'll assist along the way.
Tittle Our Core Team
Jeffrey cartoon imageJeffrey Carrillo picture
Jeffrey Carrillo is our co-founder and Creative Director. He’s obsessed over vegan “humitas” and life’s biggest questions. You’ll catch him busy leading a passion project or exploring the endless corners of New York City. However it is in the Andes where his heart beats the hardest.

His perfectionism, great eye for detail and story-first vision provide a polish and unique aesthetic to all of our projects.
Mishell cartoon imageMishell Cárdenas picture
Mishell Cárdenas is our co-founder, Lead Animator and Producer. Her adventurous soul lives for new sceneries and spectacles. She loves to travel, especially to places that have “sol playa y arena”. A passionate explorer by nature, she brings fresh perspective to any creative project.

Her work ethic along with an ever-growing curiosity for animation makes her one in a trillion.
Martin cartoon imageMartín Torres picture
Martín Torres is a 3D generalist and VFX artist from Ecuador. When he's not compositing your video he is working out to save the world from Thanos, playing the drums or wasting his money in useless things that make life a bit better. Looks aren’t everything, but he has them just in case.

Everyone is replaceable, not him though. Safe to say he’ll keep us safe in a project’s crunch time.
Text: We were nominated for a NY EMMYA New York Emmy text
2021 nomination - 64th Annual NY EMMY PSA in collaboration with E-content TV
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Whether you have a plan in mind or need help dreaming up ideas, we'll assist along the way.